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The Ultimate Guide to Branding Your Business With a Mascot

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 25, 2020 8:24:43 AM / by Angie Maxine

Mascot Branding Guide

Most organizations today are based in highly competitive markets where there are numerous businesses that compete with one another for their customer share - the only way to stand out is through branding. 

Successful branding includes a clearly delivered message, an emotional connection with customers, the creation of loyal customers who are engaged with the business and world-class storytelling.

That’s where the implementation of mascot marketing can take your business to the next level.

How can a mascot help your company’s branding?

A custom mascot serves as an ambassador of your organization and the products or services that you sell. Think the Michelin man for Michelin, Mickey Mouse by The Walt Disney Company, The Root Bear for A&W and The Laughing Cow by The Laughing Cow.

All of these mascots are a strong element of their respective companies branding strategies. These custom mascots help those businesses to engage their customers, and, ultimately, convince them to buy their products. 

A mascot can play a huge role in your company’s branding strategy, because:

  • They are attention grabbing and memorable for your audience.
  • They help your brand tell a story and express brand personality.
  • They strengthen your brand identity.
  • They empower your brand to establish a personal connection with your audience.

How to brand your business with a mascot character

To ensure your mascot is a successful part of your branding strategy, your organization will need to think carefully about the design of your mascot and where it’s used. Remember, your mascot is the face of your company and a strong part of your brand identity.

In this blog, BAM Mascots will take a look at how you can design your mascot costume and where you can use it to make sure it’s driving your branding and marketing strategy forward.

Designing the right mascot costume for your brand

Creating the initial concept for your mascot character can be difficult. While some companies may already have a well-established character, logo, product or idea that they want to represent their brand, other businesses may have no idea what type of mascot they want to design.

A mascot is all about designing a character that tells your brand’s unique story. The personality you assign your character (both in facial expression and through performance) will reflect the values of your organization. Think about what you want to achieve with the mascot, and what messages you want your customer to receive when seeing or interacting with your mascot. Once you have a general vision of what messages you want your mascot to send out, a mascot design company (such as BAM Mascots) can help you with the rest.

Create a digital mascot marketing plan that engages your audience

A mascot is not only a fantastic way to enhance your online presence, but using your mascot across your digital channels will help to reinforce the connection between your mascot and your brand. A well-well-thought-out mascot marketing strategy will strengthen your brand identity even further.

Your website - Your mascot can be used across your website to improve the branding of your company. Consider using your mascot on your website’s logo, your homepage, your blog, ebooks and other areas of your website that visitors frequently visit.

Social media - One of the best places to enhance your brand through mascot marketing is on your social media channels. You can use your mascot on social media to really connect and create close relationships with your audience. For some ideas on how to do this, please read our blog titled ‘Ideas to Increase Your Mascot’s Social Media Engagement’. 

Bring your mascot along to in-person events or live streaming media events

The most important use of your mascot is at in-person events or special live video sessions, where your audience can engage with your brand face to face or through real-time chat. Your audience wants to hug, ask questions, high-five, dance and take photos with your mascot. The engagement with a mascot creates a closer connection between your brand and its customers.

Whether your organization is attending trade shows, charity fundraisers, community events or sports games, bringing your mascot performer along to interact and engage with your audience should be a crucial aspect of your mascot marketing strategy. By seeing your mascot in person or during a special online event, your audience will instantly recognize your brand when they later see your mascot on your website or on social media channels.

Are you interested in learning more about branding your organization with a mascot, or simply want to enquire about getting a custom mascot costume designed for your brand? Contact BAM Mascots today. Our team of mascot design experts would love to answer your questions. 

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Written by Angie Maxine

Angie is a co-owner and partner of BAM Mascots, a leading Canadian maker of custom designed mascots.

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