Proper cleaning and storage can extend the lifetime of your mascot costume dramatically! We will provide you with your own customized maintenance and care recommendations when you receive your mascot … here's a sample of some basic cleaning and repair suggestions:

Cleaning Your Mascot

Heads, Shoes and Tail

When your mascot’s head, shoes or tail require cleaning (to remove light stains), it is strongly recommended to use a professional cleaning service to ensure the best results. 

If you would like to tackle stains on your own, simply apply diluted liquid detergent to the stain. Using a light brush (do not use steel brushes, as these will destroy the fabric), lightly rub the affected area until the stain is gone. Using a cloth, clean the detergent from the affected area and allow several hours to dry completely. 

The liners in the shoes can be removed and machine-washed. 


Your mascot’s gloves, shirt, inner and outer body are machine washable, though we strongly recommend using a professional cleaning service to ensure best results. Be sure to disassemble the component pieces of the body prior to cleaning.  

If you do not opt to have the costume professionally cleaned, be sure to wash using a gentle cycle, in cold water, and allow to hang/air dry. Do not use a dryer to dry the body of your mascot.  It is strongly recommend that a washing machine be used that does not have a central agitator to wash your mascot clothing. 

Post-Performance Care

It is HIGHLY recommended that the costume be allowed to air out after each performance. The head should be wiped out with a dry cloth if any perspiration has accumulated during the performance. A gentle, non-liquid freshener or deodorizer can be used to refresh the interior of the head. 

DO NOT put clothes damp with sweat into the carry bag. This could cause mildew and the colors of your character to bleed onto other parts of the costume. 



Over time, your mascot may wear due to age and use, and require repair to maintain its pristine appearance. Minor repairs can be facilitated at your discretion (seams splits, minor tears etc.) We would be happy to facilitate complex repairs such as foam tears or eye damage - simply send us an email or call us for a quote.