Brands & Organizations Mascots Make a Lasting Impression

If you take a few moments, you would probably be able to name several famous mascots that have led international companies to success and recognition. Tony the Tiger, Mickey Mouse, Ronald McDonald etc… are all universally recognized personalities that have taken the corporations they represent to the next level. From increasing brand awareness and loyalty, to increasing your presence in the media; your company will see measurable benefits from incorporating a mascot into your promotional campaigns.  

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There are several reasons why mascots drive loyalty and recognition for companies: Read More...

Mascots Increase Exposure & Awareness For Your Brand

During promotional campaigns what is more memorable than a well designed mascot with an outgoing and likeable personality? Corporate mascots are often the centre of attention at promotional events; inviting engagement in the media through photographs, TV appearances, print stories, and social media interactions. Your brand will become more recognizable as your audience starts to identify your mascot with your services- increasing brand loyalty and top-of-mind awareness.


Mascots Appeal to Everyone

With a business mascot to promote your products, you can engage better with families and children, giving them an incentive to learn more about your services - and increasing sales at the same time. Unlike salespeople or a spokesperson - a mascot builds trust and amity immediately. A mascot is eye catching, inspires curiosity, and is hard to tune out.


Mascots Create a Positive Image

Mascots can be used as educational tools for your company, or can be associated with a charity that your company partners with. Building trust and loyalty as a corporation is becoming more and more difficult as more people are suspicious of the motives of corporations. A mascot will help to usurp the mind of the customer with its likeable and engaging personality. Not only will a mascot increase engagement among your customers, but also increase engagement and morale with your employees.


Benefits of A Corporate Mascot :

  • Increases awareness, recognition, and loyalty
  • Creates a positive brand image
  • Attracts potential new customers
  • Incentives for families & children
  • Eye-catching and impossible to ignore
  • Increases exposure in the media
  • Engaging for customers & employees alike

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