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Custom mascots stand out.  They provide a memorable experience for everyone who comes into contact with them.  Children want to hug them, and even adults like to have their picture taken with them.  And if you’ve ever been to a hockey, baseball or football game where the crowd went wild during intermission, you’ve experienced the power and impact of a mascot.    


"Mascots stand out.  They're unique, they have personality and they draw attention wherever they go.  They have Impact!"


Use A Custom Mascot For Marketing

Bringing Your Ideas to Life is Our Speciality

Our custom mascot, full-service, Concept to Creation process, ensures that our skilled team members capture exactly what you want and need in a mascot.  

We specialize in creating unique and exciting characters with lots of personality using the most innovative and durable raw materials.

BAM Mascots Professional Custom Mascot Makers
Buccaneer Custom Mascot Costume
Silver Knight Custom Mascot Costume

We're So Proud Of Our Team! They're The Best In The Business!


The BAM Mascots team blends creativity with manufacturing excellence to create an innovative, high-quality mascot for your schoolteam or organization


With more than 25 years experience in custom mascot design and mascot manufacturing, and over 2,000 mascots in our mascot portfolio, the BAM Mascot team has the industries best knowledge and skills to bring your dream mascot to life.


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Giraffe Zoo Custom Mascot Costume

From Concept to Creation

Let the fun begin! The first step is all about creating the concept artwork. Whether you have an existing character design or need a character created from the ground up, we're here to help.
Are you excited yet? Next - you'll revise and approve your design.
It’s Go Time! The third step is where the magic happens ... it's time to build your mascot!
How To Create A Custom Mascot Design
Monkey Custom Mascot Costume

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In this complimentary eBook, you will read all about Tania & Coqui's adventure! Tania, the CEO of her own company, used a custom mascot to engage children and take her organization to new heights.

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