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Should I Refurbish My Brand’s Existing Mascot or Buy New? 3 Questions That Will Help You Decide

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 27, 2019 11:00:00 AM / by Angie Maxine

In a recent blog, we wrote about the ‘9 Tips That Will Help Your Brand Extend the Life of its Mascot’, but what happens when your company’s mascot eventually starts to show the wear and tear of its use?

A custom mascot is a fantastic investment and will bring your organization a plethora of benefits from building better relationships with your stakeholders, improving brand recognition, opening new revenue opportunities and much more.

By taking a few simple measures - such as proper storage, good handling, professional cleaning and repair, as well as drying out after use - you can ensure that your mascot costume is in your organization’s hands for years to come.

What happens, however, when your mascot begins to show wear and tear from all of the events, performances and functions that is has represented your brand so well at? You have two main options, do you refurbish your existing mascot or do you buy a new one?

To help your organization decide, BAM Mascots has listed three key questions you should ask yourself before you make a decision:

1 - How much wear and tear does your mascot costume have?

Your mascot costume will become damaged at some point in its lifetime and will suffer from wear and tear the more you use it. By dealing with damage immediately and repairing small breaks and tears, you’ll ensure that more serious damage doesn’t occur.

If, however, your mascot costume is suffering from more serious damage or is simply showing its age, it may be that your business will want to purchase a new costume. Here are a few reasons that your company may want to completely replace your existing mascot costume:

  • There is mould or mildew inside the mascot costume.
  • The fabric on the mascot costume is becoming worn out and threadbare.
  • Your mascot costume is starting to lose its structure and is not the shape it once was.
  • The head of the mascot costume is not in the shape it was when first made, making it uncomfortable to wear.

2 - Is the mascot costume comfortable and safe to wear for your performer?

As we discussed in our blog ‘How to Create a Code of Conduct for Your Company’s Mascot Performers’, mascot safety should be one of the most important considerations when it comes to your mascot costume - and that includes the health of your mascot costume.

A mascot costume can restrict your mascot performer’s mobility, their vision, as well as leaving them uncomfortable and hot, especially if your performers are not within the size range for which the costume was intended. The result? A dangerous situation for the mascot performer as well as the surrounding audience.

If your mascot costume is uncomfortable and unsafe to wear then it’s definitely time to purchase a new costume.

3 - Does the mascot costume still represent your brand’s story?

Your mascot marketing strategy is a fundamental part of your brand’s story and will strengthen your brand identity. However, it’s possible your organization and its brand positioning may have evolved since you designed and created your first mascot.

Your mascot makes your organization stands out and is the first thought that your audience has of your brand, which means your mascot costume needs to reflect your company values. If your first mascot is no longer doing that, it may be time for a new design that refreshes your mascot and empowers you to improve your marketing plan.

Do you have any further questions about refurbishing or designing a brand-new mascot? Contact BAM Mascots today, our team of experts would be happy to answer any mascot-related questions that you have.

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Written by Angie Maxine

Angie is a co-owner and partner of BAM Mascots, a leading Canadian maker of custom designed mascots.

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