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Need Animal Mascot Ideas? Here are 7 Inspiring Animals to Choose From

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 21, 2017 11:06:00 AM / by Angie Maxine

Bloomfield College Bear (2).jpgAre you considering an animal mascot for your organization? The symbolic characteristics of popular animals can quickly set the tone for your brand and message. A mascot can help build a strong and loyal relationship between companies and their customers.
Whether you’re looking to entertain a younger audience with a cute kitten or intimidate an opposing team with a snarling wolf, animal mascots are an effective way to engage audiences and represent your team, business, or organization. 
With so many animals to choose from, it can be hard to pick the right animal mascot. To help you on your way, here are 7 of the best animal mascots and what they could represent.
Gallaudet University Bison small j.jpgBison
Bison are the longest surviving land animal in North America and Europe, which is why they are seen as persevering animals that represent strength, stability, and prosperity. They often have a fierce personality that is both intimidating and encouraging.
With their powerful physical presence, bears represent strength, leadership and confidence, which makes them a source of inspiration. When you are winning, they empower you to be the best, and during times of difficulty, they are a source of support.
Dogs are loyal, noble animals who are always there for those that they see as family. They are often seen standing beside their owner’s side, protecting them at their own risk. Dogs are also representative of friendship and playfulness, making them the perfect choice for young kids.
Jacksonville Golden Eagle small.pngEagles
Eagles are large, powerful birds of prey that represent integrity, strength, andloyalty.They are also inspiring animals that motivate people to reach for greatness and follow their hearts.
A fox may be small, but they are incredibly aware and can see through deception. They are also unbelievably swift, encouraging action and empowering people to move quickly through obstacles. When they are in their domain they are cunning, confident, and responsive.
Horses are fast, with a well-developed sense of balance. They are the driving force that carry you through tough times and help you thrive in times of success. They often represent both inner and outer strength. Horses are great to represent a group with a common identity. 
Western Oregon University Wolf small.png
Wolves are intelligent and are very intuitive. While they have an intimidating presence that can be threatening to those they do not trust, they are loyal to 
their family.
What Animal Should You Choose?
These are just some of the iconic creatures that have been used in the design of animal mascots. Before settling on a specific mascot, be sure to research what they represent and find a match for your audience and organization.
From frogs and parrots to moose and alligators, there are so many animal mascots to choose from. Picking an animal mascot to emanate the personality of your brand and message can be a great way to make a lasting impact! When you make your decision, remember it is important to choose a mascot that connects with your target market.
Studies have shown that mascots are a good way to represent and promote a brand.
“Brand characters are created to promote a brand by establishing brand identity and favorable brand association…they also help brands to come alive with human qualities of emotion, thought and personality” Kristopher Caulfield, Analyzing the effects of brand mascots on social media
If you are ready to start creating your own animal mascot costume, contact us today! We look forward to working with you!
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Written by Angie Maxine

Angie is a co-owner and partner of BAM Mascots, a leading Canadian maker of custom designed mascots.

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