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Insect Inspirations - These Mascots Will Help Create a Buzz

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 29, 2020 11:16:00 AM / by Angie Maxine

Mascot Branding and Marketing

When looking for a mascot, you want to choose one that will stand out and impress. There are tons of options from people to animals to inanimate objects, but a unique idea, that you may not have considered, are insects and arachnids

When it comes to amazing creatures like bugs, you can indulge in a flight of fancy.  We have created all sorts of crawlers and winged creatures such as bees and wasps.

While these stinging flyers have a way of striking panic in us, the reality is they are incredible creatures. Not sure if they will be a good fit for your business? Let’s take a look at what bees, wasps and some other multi-legged friends can represent. 


Bee Mascot Branding


Bumble bees have a strong appeal as many people are more aware of the role they play in pollination and a healthy environment.

Hardworking and persevering, the bee is the perfect symbol of community and teamwork. Not to mention they really aren’t designed to fly. They break all the rules of aerodynamics. Yet they move past those limitations - an inspirational trait! 

A bee is the perfect mascot if your brand:

  • Is hardworking and tenacious
  • Pushes past boundaries to succeed
  • Is all about community 
  • Brings teams together
  • Builds amazing things



Wasp Mascot Branding


There are many types of wasps but two of our most popular are Hornets and Yellowjackets.  Like bees, wasps are social and live in colonies. They spend their time helping plants reproduce but they also eat other insects – ones that threaten our plants, give us itchy bites and have a chance of carrying disease.  

A wasp is the perfect mascot if your brand:

  • Is industrious 
  • Puts an emphasis on communication 
  • Helps others face challenges 
  • Represents innovative thought and progress
  • Is a warrior 


Kids love worms and book worm characters have been used in education for eons. Just look at earth worms - they break down organic materials found in dirt to fertilize the earth and aerate, drain and mix up soil so that the nutrients plants need to grow are where they can reach them. 

A worm is the perfect mascot if your brand:

  • Focuses on regeneration and healing 
  • Is enduring and reliable 
  • Helps solve problems through intelligence
  • Digs deep to get to the heart of the problem 
  • Enriches your client’s life with what they need to survive


Spiders are everywhere. Not to cause panic but one study suggests that you’re never more than 10’ away from a spider.  While they can’t all talk like Charlotte, they are pretty gifted. In fact, spider silk is one of the strongest materials on earth (5x stronger than a strand of steel the same thickness). 

A spider is the perfect mascot if your brand:

  • Is all about patience
  • Has a flare for the creative 
  • Brings multiple tools together
  • Your product or service is agile 

If you are interested in one of these creatures and want to get started on your mascot, or if you have a different muse in mind, contact us today

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Written by Angie Maxine

Angie is a co-owner and partner of BAM Mascots, a leading Canadian maker of custom designed mascots.

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