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Build a Mascot Strategy to Make Your Brand More Creative & Fun!

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 3, 2020 8:36:52 AM / by Angie Maxine

If you are looking into designing your own mascot costume, have already ordered one or you have just received your costume through the post, your organization is probably excited to get your mascot marketing strategy underway.

There’s plenty of reasons why you can’t wait to get started. Using your custom-made mascot costume will bring your organization a range of benefits from increasing audience engagement, boosting your brand identity, opening new revenue streams and many others. 

Not only that, but mascots are just plain fun - for both you and your audience.

However, your mascot won’t bring your organization these benefits without the implementation and ongoing management of a successful mascot marketing strategy. BAM Mascots has listed some steps to help you create one: 

Identify events for your mascot to attend

Whether you are a sports team, charity or a business, your organization attends numerous events every year. The first step of a successful mascot marketing program is identifying which events it will be effective for your mascot to attend. Many events have been modified due to Covid, or have been rescheduled as virtual events, so be sure to evaluate the changing landscape of opportunities for a mascot appearance. 

Prepare a yearly calendar of events

Once you’ve selected the events that you want your mascot to attend, it’s time to create a yearly calendar of events. This calendar is going to be the greatest ally for your mascot marketing program.

Your yearly calendar of events will help you to promote your mascot’s attendance before events, as well as generate additional content around your mascot. By building your entire mascot marketing strategy around these events and attendances, you can create an exciting buzz for your organization. This will make your mascot marketing program more impactful. 

Ensure your mascot performer is ready for these events

How your mascot interacts with fans, audiences and customers will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your mascot marketing strategy. Your mascot performer must have clear directions of what they need to achieve at each event they are attending. Are they there to entertain, educate or interact with your audience? 

How your mascot interacts with your audience will change the way they perceive your organization. As a result, your mascot performer should practice some simple moves and gestures that help them showcase their personality and deliver the message that your company is trying to portray. This could be fist pumps for sports mascots to excite fans or a thumbs up for brand mascots to entice customers to an exhibition stand.

Putting your mascot in front of a web camera for a virtual event may cramp the traditional dance moves and hi-jinxs, but with a bit of creativity your performer can create new moves and gestures for that medium.

Create a digital marketing plan

Now you’ve nailed down your physical marketing program, it’s time to make sure your digital reach matches it! Your mascot marketing program isn’t just reserved for live events. Using your mascot to promote your organization through social media and other digital channels will give your online presence a huge lift.

Think of which channels are most effective for your organization, and then start using your mascot to enhance (or create) your digital marketing strategy. This could include anything from social media posts, direct emails to your audience, blog posts, website content, video content and much more. 

Don’t feel pressure to see results straight away from your online mascot marketing strategy. Marketing is all about trial and error. Test the waters, find what works best for your organization and then keep improving engagement as you continue. Don’t forget to promote both physical and virtual events your mascot is attending on your digital channels. 

More information on how to use your mascot for digital marketing outreach can be found on our blog - ‘Want Your Brand to go Viral? Here’s How Mascot Marketing Can Help’.

Interested in learning more about implementing a mascot marketing strategy, or simply want to enquire about designing your brand’s very own mascot? Contact BAM Mascots today. We have years of experience designing mascot costumes that seamlessly portray the values and messages of the organizations that they represent.

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Written by Angie Maxine

Angie is a co-owner and partner of BAM Mascots, a leading Canadian maker of custom designed mascots.

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