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Build a Mascot Media Library to Promote Your Team or Brand

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 27, 2020 8:29:00 AM / by Angie Maxine

Mascot Media Promotion

Things are far from being back to normal but as restrictions loosen up, more and more organizations are getting back to business. And this means re-organizing their marketing and promotions to implement new online events and new protocols for physical appearances.

Digital assets are going to be in big demand for all types of promotions this fall, so spend some time now to make sure your mascot program is ready to charge forward.

One way to do that is to build a media library- full of photos, videos and gifs that you can share at a later date. Think about it … how many times have you thought, “wow, I wish I had a picture of ____.” but there was too much going on or you didn’t have the time to look for the perfect mascot photo. 

If your business is still closed, it may be an opportunity in disguise to build up your ‘dream’ library.  This is a great time to call in your performer to take some shots while the place is empty. You can take your time without worrying about interruptions or getting in someone else’s way. 

Have your mascot pose around the property. Find spots that are iconic. Ones that represent your brand or are identifiable to your fans. 

Maybe you have a unique wall mural or sign that your fans and customers will enjoy. Or maybe you want to grab shots of your mascot pretending to run different departments … sitting at desks or pretending to operate equipment. 

You can also head outside to a green space to take some video of your mascot’s tricks. Or maybe there are local landmarks you have always wanted them to interact with. 

But remember … if you’re heading out into public spaces or are visiting other properties, be sure to follow local rules and ask permission when necessary. 


Today’s phones have excellent cameras that take crisp and well-lit photos but sometimes the images don’t turn out quite how we want.

To make the most of your phone photography, consider these 6 tips. 

  1. Clean the Camera Lens – This one may seem straightforward, but it is something that we often forget to check. Our phones spend a lot of time in our hands, pocket and bags. Take a moment to wipe the lens with a clean cloth for crystal clear photos and colours that pop. 
  2. Manually Adjust the Focus – Your phone’s camera may not always focus on your mascot when you want it to. To quickly adjust the focus, compose your photo, but before hitting the shutter button, tap the screen where you want the focus to be and the image will quickly focus on the object you have chosen. 
  3. Manually Adjust the Brightness – Similar to focus, if the exposure on your phone is not what you want it to be, you can adjust the brightness manually. How you do this will depend on the make of your phone. On most Androids, compose your photo and tap the screen where you want your focus to be. A brightness slider will appear, adjust accordingly. For an iPhone compose your photo and tap the screen where you want your focus to be then swipe up or down to adjust brightness
  4. Use HDR Mode – Have you ever noticed that the image you have taken doesn’t look quite the same on your phone as it does when you look at it through your own eyes? High Dynamic Range (HDR) helps solve this issue by creating more evenly lit photos. To turn on HDR on an Android open your camera settings, scroll to HDR and turn HDR to On or Auto. On an iPhone you simply have to select HDR from the upper menu in camera mode and turn it to On or Auto. 
  5. Use Burst Mode of Actions Shots – burst mode takes 10 images a second to help increase the likelihood of getting a sharp shot when there is a lot of movement. To use burst mode on an Android or iPhone, press and hold down the shutter button. 
  6. Don’t Zoom In – unless your phone is specifically equipped for zooming in, such as iPhones with dual lenses, avoid zooming in, as it can cause distortion. Instead, try to move yourself closer to the object. 
  7. Easily Apply the Rule of ThirdsAs mentioned in previous blogs, the Rule of Thirds creates images that are visually pleasing by dividing your images into thirds and then placing your main subject on one of the grid lines. While you can always edit your images to change the placement of the main subject after the photo is taken, your phone can make it easy to get the right shot the first time by placing grid lines on your screen. 

To activate the grid lines on an Android phone, open the Camera, go to Settings and scroll down to Grid lines, open the grid line menu and select 3 x 3. On an iPhone go to your phone settings, scroll down to Camera and turn on Grid.

By taking the time to compose a great photo the first time, you will save time editing and adjusting your images while creating a fantastic library of images to share with fans across your marketing platforms. 

Don’t have a mascot to take pictures of? Contact us today to discuss your design idea and to get pricing information!

Topics: Mascot Marketing

Written by Angie Maxine

Angie is a co-owner and partner of BAM Mascots, a leading Canadian maker of custom designed mascots.

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