Inspire Pride and Spirit with a Custom Mascot Costume for your School, College or University

Custom Mascot Costume Knight School CreatorCustom school mascots create a unique opportunity to unify your school’s vision and increase school spirit. The symbolic characteristics of popular animals, warriors, knights, spartans and countless other characters can set the tone for your school’s morale and drive the common interest. 

Mascots for your school allow you to create a visual identity that represents your school’s values and qualities. Most importantly, mascots increase student engagement, school spirit, and pride!

This integral part of your school identity will create lasting and memorable tradition that evokes pride and spirit.


Benefits of A School Mascot:

  • Increases engagement, spirit, and pride
  • Can educate in unique and entertaining ways
  • Unites student body
  • Can promote your school’s goals
  • Highlights the vision for your school
  • Perfect for school sports teams such as: Football, Soccer, Hockey, Rugby, Baseball, Basketball and many others