Creatures and Animal Custom Mascot Designs Have Lasting Impact

Engage a younger demographic with a cute and cuddly character … or intimidate your opposing team with a growling grizzly. Creatures & Animals have impact. They can become larger-than-life characters that excite and enchant your audience.  Your vision plus our expertise will create a unique mascot that your audience will remember.  Read More...


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Whether you want to excite, inspire, educate, or intimidate - creature and animal custom mascots create a lasting impression for your business, brand, school, or team. Many large and internationally successful companies use creature and animal mascot designs; from Disney’s Mickey & Minnie, to the Chicago Bulls’ Benny the Bull - you can see how these creatures create a dynamic range of impact and evoke different feelings.

Introducing a mascot to your endeavour has many benefits including an increase in customer and employee engagement, unifying student bodies, highlighting your core values, educating the public, and enticing families and children.

Benefits of an Animal and Creature Mascot :

  • Increases engagement, loyalty, and awareness
  • Educational opportunity
  • Promotes trust and amity
  • Sends a clear message
  • Family Friendly
  • Highlights your vision and values
  • Versatile

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