Bringing Your Ideas to Life is Our Specialty

Thermo Fisher Man Mascot Custom Mascots CostumeOur custom mascot, full-service Concept to Creation process, ensures that our skilled team members capture exactly what you want and need in a mascot.  

We specialize in creating unique and exciting characters with lots of personality for companies, teams, brand, schools and colleges, using the most innovative and durable raw materials.

Custom mascots stand out! They provide a memorable experience for everyone who comes into contact with them.  Children want to hug them, and adults like to have their picture taken with them. If you’ve ever been to a hockey, baseball or football game where the crowd went wild during intermission, you’ve experienced the power and impact of a mascot.    

Benefits of A Custom Mascot :

  • Increases awareness, recognition, and loyalty
  • Creates a positive brand image
  • Attracts potential new customers
  • Is an incentive for families & children to attend events
  • Eye-catching and hard to miss
  • Increases exposure in the media
  • Is engaging for customers & employees alike
  • Builds trust and amity
  • Creates additional revenue stream
  • Can educate in unique and entertaining ways